The aim is to enable everyone to produce a healthy, diverse and ultra-fresh diet all year long.
By developing connected greenhouses and vertical gardens solutions to encourage a movement towards a new way of growing and producing in large quantities in a small space in the city and in the countryside.
Cultivating all year round, producing multiple varieties, achieving great amounts of production, helping the ecological transition and taking care of your health is now possible.
The Pioneer community is growing day by day. More than 150 contributors participate in the movement and organize themselves around the world. The ambassadors exchange and share their experiences with their greenhouse on a daily basis by transmitting their learning. They prove that nothing is played and that the future will be like what we have brought to him.

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Their promise

Produce your own food in a simple and sustainable way in your garden or even at home.
Provide humanity with the tools to grow sustainable, healthy and ultra-fresh foods.
Unite the efforts of change agents across nations to create a future free of carbon emissions, pesticides and GMOs.
Sharing knowledge to accomplish the ecological transition together.

Beneficiaries and impact

B2C, B2B
A Community of Pioneer Citizens produces ultra-fresh, pesticide-free plants on balconies, gardens and rooftops. Offer also available for businesses.

Where are they and what are they looking for?

Mobilize a community of Pioneers who wants to change the way they produce and consume food around the world.

Why do we like the project?

A team convinced that everyone must be able to produce their own food, locally for:

  • Providing humanity with tools to produce a healthy, sustainable and ultra-fresh food
  • Unifying the efforts of the actors of change and create a future free of CO2, pesticides and GMOs
  • Federating a community: employees, do-it-yourselfers, retirees or in transition. Everyone appropriates the tool in their own way and brings their personal touch to the entire community in a free and caring way.