FOOD and all of its industry sectors will be at the center of our next event.

By May 2019, we had already consumed all the resources produced by our dear planet earth for the ongoing year – food, its production and consumption chain is undoubtedly a vital issue….

  • How to feed all populations? And how not to exhaust the soil?
  • How can we no longer waste and be respectful of our environment?
  • How to consume sustainably? And what nutrition to avoid malnutrition or even hidden hunger?
  • How can short circuits and the circular economy change the game?
  • What tools and innovations are available to rethink the value chain of the agricultural sector up to the consumption phase? And how to better measure the impact of these new innovations?
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[Impact Makers Lunch Paris 2019]
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The first edition of Impact Makers Lunch took place on October 11, 2019 in Paris, in the Wagram Pavilion. More than 180 guests, keyplayers of the positive economy, participated in this lunch/exchanges under the theme of “Acting together for sustainable food”.

[Put the human back at the center and the "good" on our plates]
Let's detect the FOOD improvement levers along the entire value chain

For each link in the value chain of the agricultural and food sector, we will look for innovations and project leaders that positively impact it, and we will highlight the levers of social and environmental improvement.

  • Production: environmental protection, pesticides, industrial seeds, fair trade, better remuneration.
  • Processing: packaging, additives, waste management, circular economy.
  • Distribution: short circuits, fair trade, impact of distribution giants.
  • Final consumption: responsible consumption, waste management, hidden hunger, eating disorders, etc.

[Exchange, meet, share and inspire]
Friendly conversations with shared customer experiences and testimonials

We offer you some discussion time around lunch round-tables, in a conversational mode. An expert shares with the interested parties an experience, an action set up in different companies, lessons learned … related to our theme. The conversations take place in the form of interactive debates.

Our goal is to create the right match that will accelerate the positive impact and help move the lines.

A week before the event we post the conversations and ask you to subscribe to the ones that interest you.

Examples of the Impact Makers Lunch Paris October 2019 conversations:

How to hire employees
How to engage employees in the sustainable transformation of their business? Feedback on the support of “Boulanger” by Enactus. Hosted by Aymeric Marmorat.
How to successfully measure social impact
How to successfully measure the social impact of a project? Launch of a new index and feedback on FOOD in particular by Nov’Impact. Hosted by Catherine Von Dahle.
The place of women in the food industry
What place for women in the food industry and what actions to initiate for better parity? Feedback from Elles Sont Food. Hosted by Marie-Pierre Membrives.
Duty of vigilance, traceability and risk management
Due diligence, traceability and risk management in the food industry and international supply chains by Ksapa. Hosted by Farid Baddache.
Child-friendly education
Education for the taste of the child: feedback on the "Family Tastes" project in Guadeloupe, and perspectives, by the Institute of Taste. Hosted by Nathalie Politzer.
Chickens in Casamance
Chickens in Casamance. Cluster Race feedback. Hosted by Guillaume Boyer.
Social joint ventures
Social Joint Ventures, hosted by Danone Communities.
[A friendly and efficient event]
What is the day like?

The event begins with the intervention of a guest of honor. Each lunch participant is seated at a table around which the guests are selected according to their needs and interests. A dedicated moderator per table leads the discussions. It benefits from a unique moderation methodology that we have created so that the meetings are the most effective and useful, in a friendly environment. During lunch we highlight innovations and solutions in the FOOD sector, by scanning each of the stages of the value chain.



12:15 - 13:00

Before lunch, we offer a series of conversations. Anyone can, if they wish, participate and contribute to the conversations of their choice, upon registration. This time allows to exchange and deepen a problem, to present an innovative solution, to brainstorm on the future, to share experiences and good practices. The Conversations are led by specialists in the themes envisaged and take place in the form of interactive debates.

13:00 - 14:30

Networking Lunch
Round tables designed to allow the best possible matchmaking between the participants. New ideas, concrete and above all a purpose: "make a deal, make a difference" for a multiplied social and environmental footprint.

14:30 - 15:30

Free Networking & Meetings with project leaders
After lunch, participants will be able to continue discussions and meet the project leaders - who will be identified - in a dedicated and convivial space around a coffee.


Pre-registrations opened

Due to limited space, participation in Impact Makers Lunch is subject to confirmation.
Pre-register by clicking on the following link, our team will come back to you as soon as possible.