[Being in action]
Meet, create, inspire each other in a friendly place to accelerate the positive impact

We bring all stakeholders together in one place to accelerate the positive impact, shorten the time for startups, discover new models, stay at the forefront of social and environmental innovation, and inspire all participants.

Because change takes place everywhere, we are going where the action is – where social and environmental innovation is happening. We help accelerate change throughout the country for a multiplied positive impact.

[Impact Makers Lunch]
Why attend ?

We invite you to meet, create, inspire each other in a friendly place to accelerate the positive impact.

Detect synergies
By selecting each of our participants, start-ups and key-players in the ecosystem, we are able to propose meetings that accelerate the movement. Our goal is the winning meeting for all stakeholders.
Support projects and financing
When we are still in the start-up phase, we need financial visibility more than ever. Our goal is to save time for start-ups by helping them to identify sources of funding, but also customers and resources: skills sponsorship, partnerships, etc.
Develop partnerships
Because a strategic partnership can often speed-up things as much as funding, we organize meetings, but also formats - workshops, workshops, etc. - during which they could emerge.
Improve the social and environmental footprint together
Our start-ups are dedicated to improving the positive social and environmental footprint. More generally, all attendees are also in the same process and are constantly improving their positive footprint, at all levels of their value chain - purchasing, production, distribution and responsible consumption. They are in an inclusive, sustainable and equitable approach.
[Let’s build a sustainable and equitable world together]
Let’s align our actions and values and put back the human in the center
  • Capture and discuss innovation, new economic models and social impact – all in one place.
  • Find out about the most recent changes and keep an eye on technological, social and societal innovations.
  • Support projects by providing them with resources and skills.
  • Finance social and environnemental entrepreneurs.

Pre-registrations opened

Due to limited space, participation in Impact Makers Lunch is subject to confirmation.
Pre-register by clicking on the following link, our team will come back to you as soon as possible.