FOOD and its entire industry were at the center of the Impact Makers Lunch which was held in Paris on October 11, 2019 at the Wagram Pavilion.
  • A seated-lunch with 18 tables and more than 180 participants
  • A dominant topic for each of the tables stemming from FOOD and Agri-Food issues across the entire value chain: waste management, optimization of industrial processes, big data, labels, responsible consumption, impact investing, sustainable agriculture ,…
  • A dedicated moderator per table
  • Highlights with:
    • Refettorio – Maxime Bonnabry and Deborah Bailet
    • Poulehouse – Fabien Sauleman and Fanny Legarson
    • Sport & Food: Mathias Biabiany – Team World Champion – Fencing
  • Data trees to better understand the whole ecosystem and its challenges prepared by La Nouvelle Assiette (Lara Garido, Maxime Clerbout), Olivier Frey and our partner Pour La Solidarité.
[Impact Makers Lunch Paris 2019]
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The first edition of Impact Makers Lunch took place on October 11, 2019 in Paris, in the Wagram Pavilion. More than 180 guests, keyplayers of the positive economy, participated in this lunch/exchanges under the theme of “Acting together for sustainable food”.

Impact Makers: catalyst for a positive economy
  • More than 300 contacts made on site.
  • More than 150 initiatives put forward, beyond those carried by project leaders.
  • Over 150 post-event introductions and connections.
  • And we hope to see many partnerships that will materialize in the near future to increase social and environmental impact.
Deux acteurs de l'économie sociale et solidaire discutent lors de l'Impact Makers Lunch Paris 2019
Friendly place dedicated to sharing and exchanges
Participating impact makers from all sectors
Tables organized by project affinity
Conversations to discover and get inspired
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List of participants and testimonials

For the October 2019 event, we had more than 180 participants, and 65 projects: investors, large companies, projects, experts … The list of participating companies can be downloaded in PDF format from the following link: LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

[Impact Makers Lunch Paris 2019]
Thanks to our partners on this 2019 event

The first edition of the Impact Makers Lunch took place on October 11, 2019 in Paris, at the Pavillon Wagram. More than 180 guests, actors of the positive economy, participated in this lunch/discussions under the theme of “Acting together for sustainable food”.

Special thanks to our partners who have supported our initiatives since their inception.
In order and disorder:

Anne Presson fromEvénement d’Elles, Catherine Von Dahle from Nov’Impact, Aymeric Marmorat fromEnactus, Isabelle Gougenheim fromIDEAS, Marie-Pierre Membrives from Elles sont Food, Laurence Grandcolas from My Sezame, Jean-Claude Mizzi and Michel Montagu from Hop Hop FOOD, Agathe Esposito from Food Use Tech, Slow Food en France, Pour La Solidarité, Isabelle Chatillon, Pénélope Baudoin from Experiences Positives Productions who concepted the facilitation, Hermine Mauze from Yunikon – our master of ceremonie, Brice de Margerie from the Collectif Co-Dessign it, and also our 18 facilitateurs : M. Yann Mauchamp from Mutual Benefits, Laetitia Houdart from My Sezame, Églantine Tuaillon from My Sezame, Estelle Barthelemy from Oya Agency,  Sylvie Veillas from Powering, Carole El Zein Corbanese from Seeders & Co, and from the Collectif Co-Design-it : Julie Credou, Lise Demoulin, Catherine Foliot, Thibaud Gangloff, Irraga Gracia, Julien Le Plaideur, Stéphanie Lefort, Mai-lien N’Guyen Dui, Carine Rame, Cécile Roche Boutin, Delphine Sirven, Nicolas Wauquiez.

Pre-registrations opened

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