Vigne de Cocagne

From the vine to the bottle: Vigne de Cocagne is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (SCIC).

Winegrowers and local actors enrich the integration path (sponsorship, immersion periods) and improve farming practices.

1 - Organic and artisanal approach.
The harvest is entirely done by hand.
Agroecology, reasoned plowing, grassy vines, green manures, climate-friendly grapes, No weed killers or insecticides.

2 - Stepping stone to employment:
Support for people away from employment towards professional integration in viticulture. Transmission of know-how and passion for the job of versatile wine worker. Integration and training course over 2 years.

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Vigne de Cocagne
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The project

Vine of Cocagne: an authentic, supportive and cooperative wine, the result of sustainable agriculture and job creation. The Domaine de Mirabeau is located at the foot of the Gardiole, protected massif and reservoir of biodiversity that extends from Sète to Montpellier.

The Vigne de Cocagne offers an apprenticeship in wine-making and a personalized socio-professional accompaniment to people who are far from employment and in a precarious situation (long-term jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries, young people). having never worked.

It offers to the people welcomed a learning of the trade by the practice on an “exploitation-school” to allow them to regain confidence in them and to build their professional project.

Their promise

To accompany people far from employment towards professional integration in viticulture. Their challenge: to transmit them know-how and passion of the trade.

Beneficiaries and impact

B2C, B2B
Promote the social and professional integration of people in precarious situations through the apprenticeship of the wine-making trade.
Selected organic products, better nutrition, better paid producers.

Where are they and what are they looking for?

Mobilize a community of winemakers, researchers and local actors to cultivate solidarity, exchange and sharing.

Why do we like the project?

This project has a direct impact on professional integration, given that winemakers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit versatile and experienced workers. The job of wine worker is part of the “top 10” trades most sought after in France, while the unemployment rate reaches 15% in the Hérault.
A real solution to fight against long-term unemployment.