La Fourche

In June 2018, La Fourche, a new online sales site for organic products, is launched.
The positioning is clear: no margin on the products so that the whole price goes back to the producers, strict specifications and a strong social and environmental commitment.

Three friends, thirty years old, graduated from HEC, decided to give a new meaning to their lives by creating an online sales site of organic products for responsible consumption.

The model is based on not marrying the products sold in order to guarantee 100% of the price to producers / manufacturers. A social aspect that is very important for the three founders Nathan Labat, Lucas Lefebvre and Boris Meton. "To finance our model, we operate with a subscription system: either monthly (7.90 euros) or annual (69 euros)," says Lucas Lefebvre, co-founder of La Fourche. For each subscription, La Fourche is committed to offering one to families in need, via an association.

Source : LSA - Commerce Connecté

Name :
La Fourche
June 2018
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Their promise

Save up to 50% on the world of bio.

Beneficiaries and impact

Better nutrition, selected organic products, better paid producers.

Where are they and what are they looking for?

More members …
Customers, large group partnerships, deploying in the region.

Why do we like the project?

With real social and environmental values; the 3 founders stick to their fundamentals: better nutrition, more revenue for producers, healthy products, organic packaging and banned plastics.