[ 25 June 2019 ]

Our partner Nov’Impact launches a “social index”

In the words of Catherine Von Dahle, Nov’Impact Founder, who is launching this initiative:

“… our idea is to provide information that is valid and comparable across sectors. Our intuition pushes us to propose a scale of:

  • the fragility of beneficiaries (as described by Maslow, there is a range of concerns from emergency situations to self-fulfillment)
  • the intended leverage effect (accessibility of the service, improvement of living conditions, empowerment …)
  • the effectiveness of the activity (depth, scope, cost ..)
  • the growth path (model, governance, sharing, ..)
  • other positive and negative externalities
  • credibility of information (labels, ..) »

To learn more about the project, read this article (in french): Participate in the co-construction of the Social Index Nov’impact

Note to those who wish to co-build this index, please contact Catherine directly: